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@lainaloumillz here are some photos of my angel Leo. my heart dog, my baby. #fyp #foryou #dogtheft #dogcustody #dogcustodybattle #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Alaina Miller

Naine võitleb ekspeikaga koera hooldusõiguse pärast. Naine väidab, et tema üksi hoolitses koera eest, kuid nüüd tahab tema endine poiss-sõber, et koer elaks täisajaga tema juures.

Suhe purunes kuus nädalat tagasi ja esiti elas koer Leo kaks nädalat ühe ja kaks nädalat teise juures. Naine nimega Alaina Miller väitis aga, et tema on see, kes hoolitseb kõigi Leo vajaduste eest.

@lainaloumillz ive documented everything, have screenshots of everything, all medical records, proof of microchip registration, food invoices - (even him admitting he knows leo doesnt like kids and he has a baby on the way) - this dude has 5 other dogs as well!!! in st louis county the limit is 4 im pretty sure! & TONS MORE bullshit over the years documented (him stopping a steroid abruptly, blaming the hypothyroidism on bravecto then vaccines then antibiotics he needed. hes a fucking moron) - police department in my county is not returning phone calls as i was going to file stolen property police report first and see what they could do - but since they arent answering i hired a lawyer and he has done cases like this before. am i doing all i can do? its taking everything in me to not go to where he lives and steal my dog back. hes my child, my only light. i mean i live for this dog. im fuming, im heartbroken, im devestated. im fucking angry. any advice is welcome. #fyp #ex #stolendog #dogtheft #splitcustody ♬ original sound - Alaina Miller
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